The Wair Story

We see value where others see waste

The Idea

Contributing to a circular fashion industry, by utilizing textile waste to create sustainable, modern and unique sneakers for the conscious consumer.


Circular Design

Circularity is at the heart of everything we do at Wair. Not just in terms of upcycling textile waste, but throughout the whole lifecycle of our shoes. Every design decision is therefore made with the aim to create a shoe that can be recirculated at the end of it’s lifespan. 

Low Impact Product

From using the already existing textile waste to carefully selecting suppliers that use non-toxic and less resource intensive materials. Every part of the shoe (from the soles to the laces) is chosen to create a shoe with as low an environmental impact as possible.

Social Empowerment

Socially responsible production is a given for us, and we want to go further by empowering people with the opportunities that the practise of upcycling represents. Through our upcycling workshops, we are building awareness and giving people the opportunity to be a part of the solution. 

Meet the Team

Hi there! We are Lili, Amrei and Felicia - three sustainability nerds that are currently working towards making Wair a reality. 

Lili has recently returned from London, where she studied Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design at Brunel University. Here she wrote her dissertation about the opportunities of upcycling textile waste and developed the idea of Wair based on this. Instead of getting a job after graduating, she chose to take a chance on Wair and  turn her dissertation project into a startup. 

Lili Dreyer

Amrei Tomaszewski Perez

Amrei is a sustainable energy engineer that is fascinated and driven by sustainability in its broad perspective. Looking for new adventures, she joined a co-founder matching event, where she met Lili and heard about Wair for the first time. She immediately saw the potential of the idea and joined Wair shortly after (which Lili is super happy about). 

Felicia has a background in business, language and culture and is currently finishing her MSc in Business and Developing Studies. While figuring out how to develop a business she met Lili and heard about WAIR. Her interest for WAIR’s development kept her and Lili in contact and she joined the WAIR team after almost a year.

Felicia Mussagy Kristiansen

Advisory Board

Sujan Saha

Peter Binderup Hansen

Arta Minxhozi


Our Partners


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