How to best take care of your new pair of Wair

Water- and dirt proofing

Do you want to know a shoe hack? Do not stress over getting your shoes dirty or wearing your pair of Wair in the rain! We recommend an easy and sustainable way of water and dirt proofing your sneakers - simply by using beeswax:

How to:
Coat the beeswax onto the
shoes (do not forget the seams) and work the wax into the shoes by a dryer in the end.
We recommend applying the wax to the shoes before the first use of the sneakers, then as
needed. The product increases the water's resistance, revives colors, and prevents rapid

See this YouTube video for instructions


In a case of soiling, there are different ways to clean your shoes and make white shoes white again:


One way to do it, is to treat these textile sneakers lightly with a brush and a small amount of ecological detergent mixed with warm water. Wipe off the soapy water and let the shoes dry at room temperature.

A way to get white shoes white again is to use a mix of baking soda, water and hydrogen peroxide.

You can see how to do this in this YouTube video.


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