What We Do

Sustainable and Creative reuse of an untapped resource

Upcycling vs. Recycling

Recycling is commonly assumed to be the most sustainable option, however recycling breaks down materials into their core components - often reducing their properties. 

Upcycling doesn't break materials down at all, we simply refashion it by using what we have to create a new item. This is perfect for the fast fashion industry, where the norm is to discard textiles after a relatively short lifespan.


Recycled clothes are often sent to second-hand shops, however only a fraction of all recycled clothes makes it through the screening process. The majority is sent to factories where the cloth is trimmed down into washing cloths, patches and other small fabrics. 

This decreases their life-span by a whole lot, seeing that the cloths most likely is thrown away after their renewed life-span.

Lili help me out what am I even doing here this is totally not my field

Meet the Team

Hi there! We are Lili and Amrei - two sustainability nerds that are currently working towards making Wair a reality. complementing each other well in our skills from different backgrounds at the same time being strongly united in our core values of sustainability, transparency and commitment.

Lili Dreyer

Lili has recently returned from London, where she studied Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design at Brunel University. During her MSc she learned about circular economy and eco-design, and based on this, she developed the idea of Wair. She got so commited to the idea, that she wrote her dissertation about textile upcycling. Instead of getting a job after graduating, she chose to take a chance and turn her dissertation project about fashion upcycling into a startup. 

Amrei (something German?)

Amrei is an engineer within sustainable energy, and joined Wair as a co-founder early on. As an engineer she understands the importance of technical design - which is just as crucial as looks and marketing.

Amrei moved to Denmark 5 years ago to sustainable energy engineer that is fascinated and driven by sustainability in its broad perspective. She joined WAIR at the beginning.